Therm Products has been manufacturing titanium heating elements for the spa industry since 1998. Combining titanium heating elements with plastic housings has set Therm Products apart from the competition by offering maximum corrosion resistance.

Therm Products’s dominance in the North American and European Spa Market has enabled them to manufacture over 120 different spa heating assembly designs in the past twenty years.

From stainless steel to titanium, Therm Products offers an array of options to heat spas. Traditional “flow-thru” designs range from total titanium assemblies to Incoloy heaters in stainless steel tubes.

Therm Products’s jetted bath heating assemblies are recognized as the best in the industry. Compact (Therm Products patented) electronic controls offer five levels of safety maximizing consumer protection.

No electrical switch is required to activate the heater assembly. If water is circulating the factory programmed controller, utilizing either an internal pressure or vacuum switch, will turn the unit on and maintain a water temperature of 103 degrees (F) plus or minus one degree. This “intelligent” circuit will also prevent false tripping when hot water is introduced into the bath.

Therm Products offers an array of options to Sauna & Steam Room Manufacturers. Direct immersion elements are offered in 8 standard immersion sheath materials from copper to varying grades of Stainless Steel and Incoloy, to Titanium.

Copper Elements are commonly used in immersion applications for their ability to adequately heat tap water at an optimal price. Copper, however, offers minimal corrosion resistance, especially in steam applications.

Stainless Steel is typically used as a “step-up” from copper and offers greater corrosion resistance at only a fractional increase in price. Stainless Steel is optimal for entirely immersed elements with good water flow.

Incoloy is great for the higher watt density immersion elements, especially in highly corrosive steam applications. As water vaporizes, the tiny lime particles remain on the sheath of the element and, over time, will form a buildup. Under this lime buildup, the sheath will begin to deteriorate. Other than Titanium, Incoloy is the best sheath material for sauna/steamer elements to resist corrosion.

Titanium heating elements have the unique ability to shed the limescale they will naturally incur in water before sheath deterioration can begin, making it the most corrosive resistant heating element on the market. Therm Products was the first manufacturer to successfully bring Titanium to the Immersion/Spa market in the late 1990s.